mary wilson: artist -  BA (HONS), FdA

based:    bedfordshire

artist statement

Art and 'the moment'
Life is ever changing and challenging, with opportunities and ups and downs. Part of the challenge is to find the flow... and grow...

Work explores relationships with our environment, with nature and time; and can draw possible parallels with, and within, our lives and community.
The process can reveal scale, beauty, detail, colour, feelings, mood or concepts that might be normally overlooked in the everyday.
It draws on nature's vastness, diversity and adaptability, its peaceful and healing qualities, and its continuity; and reflects on society's correlation with nature, on our own diversity and adaptability, on our co-dependence, and on our understanding and collaboration for the future.

As a largely self-taught artist, initial paintings and drawings are usually representational, capturing personal memory and feeling.
Secondary work is more abstract, as creative, compositional, and painterly processes evolve and affect the outcomes.
Painting with glass exemplifies free flowing expression, with interesting and often beautiful sculptural forms and effects.

Further 2D works may also suggest more free-flow form.
The placing of artworks can create further possibility and reflection.


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